8 Ways To Build Your Maple Ridge Brunch Business

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Brunch has come a long way over the past couple of years. It is not more than just an Easter or Mother’s Day meal. This is now a meal people enjoy as part of a casual social gathering. Accosting to the Senior Strategist, Rachel Kalt who works with The Culinary Edge out of San Francisco, brunch is not a way for millennials to get together as a social gathering and maybe even enjoy a drink or two.

According to Edwin Boost who is founder of The Kingfishers Maple Ridge Pub, traditions no longer apply for the food service business. To stay in business, a restaurant needs to change to meet the needs of the customers. They need to provide the experience the customer is looking for.
It is not just the younger generation that is looking to enjoy brunch. Baby boomers spend more money on breakfast and eat out more often than other generations.

Bruch is said to be for people that have more to spend on food away from home and time to go out. This is based on information from Mindy Armstrong who is the Director of Insights and Innovations for Food IQ magazine. During the weekday customers are looking to slow down and enjoy a nice meal.

According to data the number of establishments that are offering brunch has increased by 14 percent from the years 2011 to 2015.

How to Build a Successful Brunch Business!

1. Make it Share Worthy

Use social media to attract customers. Customers are more likely to find a business online than through other means.

2. Make it Fun

Add some boozy drinks such punches and cocktails that will go nicely with the food. People are also looking for food they can share such as chicken and waffles and even a pitcher of mimosas.

3. Add New Items

The brunch should have special menu items such as pour-over coffee or juice that was freshly pressed. They should be ready to go when order.

4. Add Seasonal Items

Adding seasonal foods will allow guests to try new local items that are fresh and will make the experience more adventurous. Be sure to give the local farmers some credit on the menu.

5. Keep the Menu Small

Modern brunches need more than just scrambled eggs. Add some items such as homemade pancakes with a few different syrups. A build your own breakfast taco is also a big hit for brunch.

6. Develop a Theme

There should be a singular focus for the brunch. For example the food can have a southern inspired theme or can have a farmer’s market theme to name a new suggestion.

7. Any Time

There are no specific time of the day when brunch can be offered. If there is a certain time when business is slow or a time to make more money that can be the time for brunch.

If a business is a dine-in only place, there can be a pickup service offered on weekends.

There can also be an offer for a special Sunday brunch with shareable breakfast and lunch items.

8. Market the Menu

Use social media to show off the menu for brunch. Be sure to use some in-home signs as well as pictures of the food that will be offered. This can be then posted on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.