Reasons to Care for Aging Parents

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For those with elderly parents, it is common to spend days and nights worrying about whether what is being done for them is enough. Those that are invested in the health and well-being of their elderly parents often suffer from the guilt of wondering whether they are doing the right thing or if they are falling short of being the ideal child. What is most important to understand however is that to truly be the best son or daughter possible it is first necessary to understand why it is important to care for the elderly. Here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to care for your aging parents.


Many people would agree without fail that this is one of the leading reasons why taking care of the elderly can be a blessing or a curse. A great many elderly citizens don’t consume as much in the way of food as others, but they do tend to require more care, which means more supplies, specialized machines, medicines, and other items that can eventually begin to add up. In the case of those elderly parents that are healthy and fully capable, the cost tends to go down, which is a fortunate turn of events. However, as parents continue to get older, their physical and mental faculties do tend to start slipping and even breaking down as time takes its due. This opens up the idea of whether your parents can continue to live at home or if they will require admission into a rest home that will be able to take better care of them.

This choice can bring about an entirely new set of issues, as senior home care is to many tantamount to shipping their parents off and bidding them a fond farewell before the final curtain falls. If one admits their parents to just any rest home without taking into account what they offer and how professional their services are then this could be the case. However, if one does their due diligence and manages to find a home that is not only amenable to the needs of their parents both physically and emotionally it can at least help to make that transition a little easier. Unfortunately, those care homes that are nicer than others tend to cost a bit more, meaning that aside from any other expenses that might accrue it would be necessary to foot a monthly bill to round out the total loss. Fortunately, many elderly homes do in fact include all of their services in one monthly bill. This might still be a high cost, but at the very least it offers peace of mind for the parents and the children.

Human Dignity

Your parents did, in fact, do a great deal to raise you and ensure that your life was comfortable enough to accommodate your every need. In their golden years, it’s not too much to ask that you do the same. Whether they remain in their home where they are granted home care by one means or another, or if they are sent to live in an elder care home, children should feel at least obligated to make certain that their needs are being met. Although it is easy to understand that many individuals cannot afford the high prices of nursing homes, the cost of in-home care is less expensive and provides the elderly the chance to remain within a comforting and familiar location.

The only real downside of in-home care is that it does require a good deal of time, patience, and effort on the part of the children. No parent wants to be a burden to their children, but in home care can require an around-the-clock care provider that lives with the parent(s) and is there to attend their needs whenever necessary.
Being allowed to remain in their home is quite beneficial for the elderly as there is no need for transition and no confusion as to where they find themselves and why. With those who have dementia, this is even more beneficial as from day to day the reality of their lives continues to slip and some semblance of familiarity is needed from time to time. The main point is that those parents that are allowed to remain in their home as they age are often far happier and more well-adjusted as they continue to age. While this is not always possible in some cases, it is very much preferred by many, as the need to be somewhere familiar and inviting in one’s golden years is a universal desire among the elderly.

Medical Care

Whether they are allowed to stay at home or sent to an elderly care home, senior citizens will need to be seen by the doctor now and again. While some elderly patients will be reasonable and even accepting of this fact others will continually refuse or conveniently “forget” their regular checkups, which can be increasingly dangerous as one reaches old age. Children are often able to serve as the voice of reason or even the voice of authority when it comes to convincing their parents that a doctor’s visit is necessary. Far from being an attempt to wrest complete personal choice from a parent, it becomes the adult child’s responsibility to reason with their parent as to why their continued health is a necessity. While there is typically no need for anything past friendly argument, there are times when adult children must make the hard decisions and find a way to keep their aging parents from neglecting their health.

When caring for elderly parents, there is no question that children do in fact have many choices to make on the type of care that will be given and how they can find a way for their parents to retain their dignity while receiving the best care possible. Many would agree that in-home care is the best, but others would insist that care homes are the way to go. No matter which method is selected, it falls to the adult children to decide how best to preserve the dignity of their elderly parents, and how much they are willing to give to make this happen.