How To Fix Your Leaky Pipes In Port Coquitlam Before Winter

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how to fix a leaky pipe

While you might try to resolve a leaky or clogged pipe by yourself, it’s not encouraged. Many things may result in a leaky pipe. Leaky pipes might be a big issue, and should you haven’t tried any DIY plumbing before you might find yourself in a panic till you can call a plumber that will help you permanently repair the problem. The damaged pipe needs to be cut away and replaced with new pipe or pipes that must be rerouted utilizing a type of trenchless technology. A leaking pipe isn’t just an annoyance, but has the potential to also lead to severe damage. There are many steps which you can take to temporarily correct a leaking pipe.

However attentive you’re, you will likely have to replace a pipe eventually. You are going to have clean and dry pipe right away. A busted pipe in your house is among the most frequent problems that many professional plumbers encounter.

Your pipe ought to be at the middle of the coupling. A leaky pipe can cause a significant mess. Water pipes are tricky parts of hardware. It is advisable to replace the pipe. In the event the drain pipe below your bathroom sink is leaking, you might need to just re-tighten the nut. Stainless steel pipe is less not as commonly employed as other metallic pipes since it’s more expensive and harder to find.

Leaking pipes establish a prime atmosphere for mold in your basement. Leaking pipes and fixtures must be fixed. First, make sure you know just where along the pipe the leak is occurring, and so you will recognize where to repair it when the water was turned off. It is dependent on the sort of pipes so determine the sort and check the expected lifespan. Naturally, if you prefer to prevent fixing a burst pipe, it’s better to take some preventive measures. Sometimes, the burst pipe is not going to always be apparent right away. Unfortunately, burst pipes, which are often caused by freezing temperatures, are among the most frequent emergency plumbing problems homeowners encounter.

Some water heaters utilize copper tubing instead of threaded pipe, and if you are not comfortable working with copper, you might want to get hold of an experienced plumber. To begin with, an alarm to let you know if the pump isn’t running. It’s important that you know where these valves are so you may stop water in the event of a plumbing emergency. It wouldn’t have been wise to replace the valve with a different self-tapping valve in the same location since it would go through the same issue.

A drain will often start to leak when it’s a couple of years old. You might also acquire water from rainfall. When you have the water turned off, after that, you can begin to look for the origin of the leak.

In the event the leak is coming from your roof, you might observe different signs, based on the kind of roof you’ve got. Slab leaks can be difficult to detect. It’s important to discover and fix slab leaks once possible. It’s just as simple to repair the leak in the event the pipe is PVC. Hot tub leaks might seem hard to discover, but it isn’t difficult if you know the best place to begin.

Also, plumbing leaks have to be accounted for. There are all types of plumbing leaks. The most frequent reason behind roof leaks is a problem with the fireplace. Ceiling leaks are issues which shouldn’t be taken lightly or taken care of later. To begin with, determine where the leak is truly coming from. Pinhole leaks in copper pipes are sometimes a big problem for a house owner.

In regards to your plumbing, the majority of people don’t even consider it until there’s an issue. Old plumbing is extremely likely to have leaks, so if you’re concerned about it, check the pipes and choose whether it’s time to replace everything. A plumber is going to have the tools to reach areas that are impossible that you access. Then you’ll decidedly be calling a plumber. Don’t await the plumber to come. With all these faucets, paying a plumber for smaller repairs is an expensive cost.

Pipe replacements can be complicated and frequently require the help of an experienced Port Coquitlam pipe contractor. Should you need a repair, you need to eradicate it, cut in another joint, and fix it like that. Don’t forget to assemble the entire repair without glue to start with so you know everything fits, and the simplest sequence to assemble everything. If this seems all too hard for you, just hire a plumber instead!

Accounting Mistakes Port Coquitlam Business Owners Make

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When it comes to running a business, for example, as the owner, it’s important that you get involved in all areas of its operation. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re an expert in everything. Company founders may wear those customer-relations and strategic hats well, but it can get difficult if they try to wear that accounting hat.

Bear in mind that financial mistakes may affect your business’s growth, clog cash flow, bring to the attention of the IRS, damage your reputation with your team members, customers, suppliers and affect your bottom line.

To avoid the above scenarios, below are ten mistakes that owners make and the reasons why these errors-both inadvertent and calculated-can be so damaging.

1. Falling Behind Your Business Entries and Reconciliation

Time is not normally on your side, especially when you have to deal with many issues in your small business. It means that you can find yourself going for months without making book entries or reconciling your business checking statements, sales tax accounts, credit card statements and other financial accounts. It means that your declarations and reports will not be current. The result is that without this information, you’ll find it a challenge to make sound decisions regarding your business.

For instance, spending money may cause you to have a negative balance and reduced profits the reason being that unpaid involves will have gone unnoticed. Failure to enter financial data can cause problems with supplies since invoices will go unnoticed. The result can be a bad credit rating for your business and difficulties in getting supplies.

2. Struggle to Understand Accounting Software

Some business owners rushing to set up businesses don’t spend enough time to learn the accounting software that they choose. Failure to understand this software leads them to miss important functionality or make mistakes when using it. Failing to set this software up correctly leads to incomplete information and unused financial reporting, resulting in damaging business decisions.

3. Failing to See the Reports for the Tools

Accounting is not just a way for you to enter financial data to fulfill federal and state tax regulations or to know how much money you have in your bank. Instead, it’s an efficient mechanism that ensures provides answers to any questions related to which business owner’s decision are working and which are not.

It’s one reason why you’ll be making huge mistakes if you don’t use the business reports that are made available from the financial data, including how profitable is the company, accounts-receivable aging and accounts-payable aging. These reports enable you to know where the issues are, and which clients are not paying to maintain a cash flow. If the aging reports don’t get produced, the business owner can’t know who’s behind payments, leading them to lose customers who aren’t happy.

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4. Mixing Personal Finances and Business

One common mistake that company owners make is mixing personal finances with business. Ensure you keep them distinct and separate to have an accurate record of what your business used and what was meant for private business.

The IRS may understand that certain numbers of meals per month may be business related. On the other hand, the video games on your credit card or concert tickets cannot apply. The business may be affected since the owner is spending more of its money on personal life that reinvesting it to grow the company.

The best is to hire accountants to maintain separate accounts to ensure you look at the business as an independent entity as compared to viewing it as an ATM. It enables your business to provide you with a steady income while you grow it.

5. Trashing Receipts

Your business paper trails count, even those that can become digitized. It means that you need to retain your receipts since they provide answers to any gaps and mistakes in your accounting records. Receipts also provide deduction tax opportunities when tax time comes.

If the IRS comes, these receipts provide proof of numbers of your business financial statements, meaning that failure to have them can make the IRS view your entries as changing taxable amounts. The results can be penalties.

6. Making Mistakes in Your Math

Math mistakes can happen quite quickly, for example, while rushing to make your books after a long day. Even when using automated accounting solutions, mistakes happen. Math errors can also result from making typos or posting entries to the wrong account.

If you combine the initial accounting mistake with others, it can lead to a financial disaster since math errors can go unnoticed for months if you don’t have accountants to check them regularly. Ribeyre Chang Haylock Accountants Located in Coquitlam, BC see accounting mistakes at the #1 issue when it comes to DIY accounting. People who do accounting themselves do not tend to double check their math. This can lead to some catastrophic failures in your math.


7. Looking At the Short Term Only

The day-to-day running of your business may make to become fixated on the short term and forget about the future. Bear in mind that accounting also involves forecasting your future business growth and knowing any financial risks from current results or financial decisions.

It means that you need to look at long-term accounting solutions, opportunities and issues for company growth. Ensure you pay attention to operational concerns, for example, the need to add more accounting staff if you’re expanding.

8. Hiring the Wrong Person

Avoid hiring individuals with no experience in accounting since they end up creating financial problems or making uninformed decisions. Make sure you hire professional accountants who understand tax laws, currency exchanges and invoices.

9. Having the Mentality That Technology Is Always the Solution

Ensure you chose the technology that matches your type of business and individual needs. The best way is by seeking the services of an accounting professional that can carry out strategic thinking, proper planning and research to ensure that the technology doesn’t end up creating accounting mistakes.

10. Not Moving On

As your business grows, ensure that you hire accounting professionals who understand invoicing and other accounting solutions. It will enable you to concentrate on other duties that you do best.

When running your business, remember that the financial side can make or break it. Knowing when to hire accounting professionals or use technology tools in the areas that you struggle with can be one way to help you grow it. For more tricks on how to enhance your accounting, check the article on seven accounting formulas that business owners should be aware of.

The Truth- Real Estate Commissions

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This article highlights the rates of residential properties in areas of trade of Pitt Meadows. It clarifies variation between two brokerage rates. These are brokerage and total commission respectively. It also seeks to put in plain words whether these rates are variable, cut-rate and a few examples of how rates affect the sale price of any property in Pitt Meadows. It will show effects that commission rates have on the amount of money you get.

Pitt Meadows commissions are set to be a percentage of sale prices of assets being sold. Usually, there is a lack of fixed rates because it’s not even legal to preset any price. Overall fees are mostly charged ranging from of 3.0% to 3.5% and up to 5% or in some cases higher and in some cases One Percent Real Estate exists. That is utmost a normal amount. Usually, the end profit is split into half between the two brokers who participated in any transaction, but you must also keep in mind that sales intermediaries frequently receives 2 to two point five and remnants are used to pay to the other party. These amounts differ broadly, but there are many exceptions. The intensity of services you get can or may be diverse according to on the fee charged to various businesses.

Therefore this calls for exploration before selecting a brokerage.
Some agents advertise a maximum of two point five or in some cases; you will find some signs showing 1% Realty. Some even have enough guts to advertise with 0% or “0.1% commission”. That is enough to trap those unaware of what it means. Reason for this conclusion is because they are usually referring to one side of things. The listing party to be precise. Also, the side which sells should be considered and paid in a transaction of this caliber. To avoid being misled by such ads, it’s important to read fine prints carefully and consider services that you will benefit from in comparison to lower charges.

First of all, it’s important to understand terms used in property management. The middleman who deals with the listing is the one who signs your assets and represents your interests. The other agent represents an offer on your home and also represents buyers. So with that in mind, it ‘s good to know that.There are two sides of any asset management transaction, first one being salaried to listing realtors and another one being what is usually remunerated to the seller who presents the offer.

In Pitt Meadows area, most MLS listings are usually remunerated to the agent who sells. This amount is however not fixed and varies from 0% and above. In some cases, an amount given to a sales broker is more than 2.5%, and it’s considered an incentive to the middleman who performs the transaction and manages to sell that particular property at a slightly high fee than they would get from a sale of a property that offers the required charge or lower. Also, the latter can be paid to the broker for listing. Which would make your complete charge payable the same as that of the seller which is five percent. That’s how rates work in some property transactions for Pitt Meadows.

I have used “some transactions” on a large variation of such figures. Particularly due to elasticity in the two point five figure concerning Pitt Meadows. Other areas might be different. The chargeable rate is never rigid and is always open to discussion. Some companies try to be a full discount property agents while still trying to offer a price cut. That is quite impossible. Therefore before you do anything essential, ensure you have read and understood ads about what you are signing. Also, request for all details in writing. It’s true some companies offer rates with some money off, but not all do so it is important to explore options offered before coming to a conclusion.

Some companies in Pitt Meadows and others in Greater Vancouver trading area do offer a fee which is inclusive of a discount. They are full-service enterprises that provide you with a substitute choice of brokerage. Just like my statement suggests ( I have used “some”)what does that suggest? It shows there are other companies which do not. So be extra careful and have full information before committing yourself to any brokerage.

Do you need help with maintaining a regular exercise regime for your senior healthcare?

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If you have been debating as to whether a personal trainer can be beneficial to you, the following ten reasons will help you to understand why it can make all the difference. From contributing to managing chronic conditions, tackling obesity, right through to reaching your personal fitness goals and maintaining a regular schedule, a personal trainer can be critically important.

1. Get Motivated.

Are you like the many of us out there that find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Need a little extra motivation when it comes to going the extra mile? This is where a personal trainer comes in. They will motivate and encourage you to reach your full potential.

2. Being Consistent.

From helping to set goals, planning your particular workout routine to celebrating your milestone achievements, a personal trainer will be by your side every step of the way. When you have regular appointments with your trainer, it is a lot harder to skip a session than when relying on yourself to get up to the gym and do it on your own.

3. Finding Clarity.

The world of fitness can be a very confusing one at best. A personal trainer can be your guide through a maze of routines, equipment, nutrition and everything fitness related.

4. Gaining Your Confidence.

When starting out, the gym can be a very intimidating place. Coquitlam Gyms understood this, so they hired many personal trainers to assist people in starting out at the gym. A personal trainer will help you to navigate the equipment, show you how to confidently perform each and every exercise and make you feel comfortable using every aspect of the facility.

5. Injury Avoidance.

Whether you are new to the gym or have a particular old injury or medical condition, training in the correct way is imperative. The last thing anyone wants is to be injured just when they begin to make some progress. A personal trainer will customize your training to your specific requirements and supervise your workout the whole way through.

6. Individualization.

Each and every one of us is different. We have different bodies, different minds, and different goals. With this in mind, why should we all follow the same training regime? A personal trainer will customize your training for you, with you and only you in mind. This makes for a highly effective workout, eliminating additional exercises and highlighting areas that need the most work.

7. Goal Specific Training.

Whether you are a stay at home mom who wants to improve her overall general fitness or a businessman who want to shave a few strokes off their game, a personal trainer will work with you to achieve your goals. With target specific training they can help you accomplish whatever is is you need.

8. Medical Requirements.

Excercise has been proven to be beneficial to many health conditions and to help maintain a long and healthy life. At times we may need to change the way we exercise to deal with these circumstances. From chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, back pain and hypertension right the way through to localized injuries such as sprained joints, torn muscles, and broken bones. A personal trainer will individualize your workout to ensure it’s of the greatest benefit to you and your prevailing condition, while also ensuring that your workout is done correctly so as to prevent any further injuries.

9. Age With Style And Grace.

As we get older, our bodies change and so does the way we need to exercise it. The activities that you used to perform may no longer give you the same outcomes, or you may simply wish to exercise to help maintain a strong and healthy body well into your latter years. A personal trainer will help you to set goals and plan a specific training program to help you enjoy the most of your life.

10. Enjoying The Moment.

Excercise can be very rewarding, although a lot of the time when you try to do it on your own it feels as though the celebration is a long way off. With a personal trainer, they will help you to set goals, big and small, and help you to celebrate every accomplishment along your journey.

Maple Ridge’s Housing Market Update- Cooling Down

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This is the kind of question that will be heard at Metro Vancouver, when the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver released a report that the residential property sales had amounted to 3,226, in the Month of July. This represents an 18.9% decrease in sales as compared to the month of July 2015, which had 3,978 sales, that is also a 26.7% decrease as compared to the sales of last June, which summed up to 4,400.

Actually, since January, this is the first time whereby house sales in the locality recorded a figure below 4,000 in 30 days.

Looking at the July sales of detached homes, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge were ranked as the leaders in the 16 neighborhoods that are covered by REBGV.

126 houses were sold or bought in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge area. After these two neighborhoods, the community that followed was Richmond, which is covered still by REBGV, had a total of 123 sales of detached houses in July.

Though that was the case, the total homes that changed hands in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge neighborhood in the past month, exceeded by 100 the number sold houses in June, which summed to 234 houses.

Still, with the cool housing market, the price of detached houses in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge neighborhood, are seen to be shooting up.

The standard price that a detached house in Maple Ridge ranged was $705,900, in the past month. This price is 1.9% more than it was in June and 38.1% higher that it was in July 2015.

This same pattern was noted in Pitt Meadows, in that the cost of a detached house was $767,200, a figure that is 0.9% higher that how it was in the month of June, and 33.5% pricier than it was in the past July.

Though being residents there, they are not certain how the latest passed 15% tax for the buyers in Metro Vancouver will alter the faraway neighborhoods like Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.

According to Edge, the effect will be felt in Vancouver, because foreign buyers prefer to buy houses in the center of the city. For this reason, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge are not going to be affected because no such serious buyers come there to buy homes.

Though being the case, he concluded that there had been uncertainty in the entire Metro Vancouver, regarding taxes.

Speaking, Maple Ridge realtor said that it was in Vancouver that all things are triggered from. According to him, any notable activity in the real estate business starts from Vancouver, then propagates outwards like a wave towards other parts.

For Edge, he sees that even the advancing development of the Albion region and East Maple Ridge, the local market is still determined by supply and demand, more so with the vending of detached homes.

Speaking, Edge said that there is a lack of sufficient product in new starts construction, which can maintain the buyer’s demand. Also, the number of real estate buyers has increased as compared to the property to be sold in the market.

Another factor that is determinant is the affordability. Though there has been an abnormal increase in prices in the last year, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge have still maintained to be the affordable neighborhoods in the REBGV covered regions.

Edge confessed that there is a considerable effect of the spin-off, on what’s happening in the larger regions.

On the other hand, Dan Morrison, the president of REBGV, said that there was some leveling in the market.

Morrison said that after many months in which the sales activities broke the records, the demand for people to purchase homes came down to the normal rate in July.

He continued saying that even with the leveling out; the past month recorded a 6.5% increase, as compared to the average monthly sales of the past ten years.

According to Justin Hennessey, a Maple Ridge Realtor there were some signs of moderation of home sales towards the end of June, which maintained till the month of July.

The BCREA, (British Columbia Real Estate Association), revealed that there were 9,900 residential sales recorded by MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in July, which is 3.4% lower as compared to July the past year.

In July, the total sales amounted to $6.57 billion, which is 5.4% higher as compared to the past year. It was noted that the residential MLS price in that particular province was $663,411, which 9.1% higher as compared to the previous year.

Cameron Muir, the chief economist of BCREA, said that nearly in all parts of the province, there was a moderation in the demand for homes, though a record breaking was witnessed earlier during the year.

Also, he quoted that the slow rate of home sales could provide the required advancement to the catalog of homes for vending. Also, he said that there were expectations that the appreciation rate would slow down in the present spring period.

Currently, the volume sales of British Columbia residential sales had shot up to $56.5 billion, which is 45.5% as compared to the same duration of time, but in 2015.

As for the unit sales of residential homes, they shot up to 77,261 units, which is an increase of 25%. Meanwhile, the residential price of MLS rose to $731,189, which is equivalent to 16.4%.

Art Galleries or the Internet?

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I have received several links that decried that the gallery system online is coming to an end. Articles like this get out every so often. There are similar questions in most articles.

They include:
Art galleries are dead since buyers can go online and buy directly from the artists
Galleries are greedy and treat the artists poorly
Physical art galleries are dead due to the increase in internet sales

Some of these things are true to an extent. There are fewer art galleries around then there were ten years ago. The economic crash in 2008 played a big part in this. Sales are also increasing on the internet. It is hard to get accurate documentation but according to online sales have increased over the past five years. Fifteen percent of their total sales are from the internet. Studios Program had a big role in this as well as the Catalogue which represents the artist. These are reasons why online sales are rising. Many think this is the end of the traditional gallery.

Many think that the traditional art gallery is dead. Some people in the industry may think so. The sales of artwork, music, and books are cheaper when purchased online than in the physical stores and galleries. Both the artists and the galleries will state that if a person sees and touches something in person, it has a higher value to them. Many buyers will disagree with this. Many buyers are more willing to purchase art online. They have become comfortable with the internet and shopping on it. They are even willing to spend more money on pieces of art.

If these purchased are made at trusted site such as Amazon this trend in online art purchases will continue. The average buyer is secure in their career and if often between 40 and 70 years old. They are adapting to online shopping even for high priced artwork. It seems the next generation will be even more comfortable buying art online.

What this means for galleries

Things may change for art galleries. Many closed for good when the recession of 2008 hit. These galleries were struggling before the recession, but many had to close. There are galleries located on Main Street in Scottsdale that closed. They were not making enough money, and online retailers were further hurting their business.
I think that galleries need to find their way to market their art online. No one has the perfect model for selling art online just yet. Web sites will need to have images of the art as well as information about the artists. They should also have some reviews. Sites that have a lot of media are going to be often used. E-commerce will be needed for any online art site.

At Ian Tan galleries in Vancouver, the staff emphasize the need to focus on the visitor experiences instead of selling. Buying art should be a unique experience. Many buyers are looking for a cultural experience as well as art. Galleries are going to need to provide the experience and shows if they want to get people in the doors.

Galleries are going to need to use the media to their advantage. Buyers want a multimedia experience. This includes interviews with the artists and other events. Not all of these experiences can be created online but many of them can. Media rich content becomes more accessible. Several programs are easy to use including DreamWeaver, Photoshop, and InDesign. Social media should be used as well as Youtube to attract visitors. These tools will pay off in the end.

Galleries need to change the way that they interact with the artists. As artists operate more independently with the user of the internet galleries, have to give them a full partnership in their art. Galleries need to improve their relationship with the artists. Artists need to realize that galleries are great places to market their work. The gallery is going to need to earn the business from the artists.

The Effect on Artists

Artists are at an industry crossroads. They have more opportunities to expose their work. It only takes a couple of minutes to post their work online. They can have a virtual gallery that can be seen by people all around the world. They can create a presence online. With all of the artists online it can be hard to become noticed and generate sales.

Well, known artists have been able to sell to collectors directly online. These artists have left the galleries and have cut the galleries out of their sales. They are still going to need a way for new collectors to find them.

Galleries are often used by artists in their mid-careers. Amazon is looking to work with well-established galleries and not artists that are just starting out their career. Someone needs to come up with a new system for exposure. If not art galleries are still the best way to gain an audience and generate sales. With fewer galleries, it is harder than ever to gain the attention of fans. Galleries are becoming more competitive, and artists have to show off their best work to get a spot for their art.

Artists are going to have to handle the sales on their art on their own. They will need to attend more art shows, and most of their sales will come from the internet. If they want their work hung in galleries that are going to need to increase their skills.
Some artists will find they are good at marketing and will not need the assistance of galleries. They can run their virtual gallery and in some cases their physical art gallery.

Most artists do not want to spend their time marketing and selling their work. They want to be creating art. Many are not interested in the business side, and all they know how to do is make art. For these artists having their work shown in numerous art galleries Vancouver has to offer is something to look forward to. They will be able to gain exposure and will be able to sell their work.

Reasons to Care for Aging Parents

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For those with elderly parents, it is common to spend days and nights worrying about whether what is being done for them is enough. Those that are invested in the health and well-being of their elderly parents often suffer from the guilt of wondering whether they are doing the right thing or if they are falling short of being the ideal child. What is most important to understand however is that to truly be the best son or daughter possible it is first necessary to understand why it is important to care for the elderly. Here are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to care for your aging parents.


Many people would agree without fail that this is one of the leading reasons why taking care of the elderly can be a blessing or a curse. A great many elderly citizens don’t consume as much in the way of food as others, but they do tend to require more care, which means more supplies, specialized machines, medicines, and other items that can eventually begin to add up. In the case of those elderly parents that are healthy and fully capable, the cost tends to go down, which is a fortunate turn of events. However, as parents continue to get older, their physical and mental faculties do tend to start slipping and even breaking down as time takes its due. This opens up the idea of whether your parents can continue to live at home or if they will require admission into a rest home that will be able to take better care of them.

This choice can bring about an entirely new set of issues, as senior home care is to many tantamount to shipping their parents off and bidding them a fond farewell before the final curtain falls. If one admits their parents to just any rest home without taking into account what they offer and how professional their services are then this could be the case. However, if one does their due diligence and manages to find a home that is not only amenable to the needs of their parents both physically and emotionally it can at least help to make that transition a little easier. Unfortunately, those care homes that are nicer than others tend to cost a bit more, meaning that aside from any other expenses that might accrue it would be necessary to foot a monthly bill to round out the total loss. Fortunately, many elderly homes do in fact include all of their services in one monthly bill. This might still be a high cost, but at the very least it offers peace of mind for the parents and the children.

Human Dignity

Your parents did, in fact, do a great deal to raise you and ensure that your life was comfortable enough to accommodate your every need. In their golden years, it’s not too much to ask that you do the same. Whether they remain in their home where they are granted home care by one means or another, or if they are sent to live in an elder care home, children should feel at least obligated to make certain that their needs are being met. Although it is easy to understand that many individuals cannot afford the high prices of nursing homes, the cost of in-home care is less expensive and provides the elderly the chance to remain within a comforting and familiar location.

The only real downside of in-home care is that it does require a good deal of time, patience, and effort on the part of the children. No parent wants to be a burden to their children, but in home care can require an around-the-clock care provider that lives with the parent(s) and is there to attend their needs whenever necessary.
Being allowed to remain in their home is quite beneficial for the elderly as there is no need for transition and no confusion as to where they find themselves and why. With those who have dementia, this is even more beneficial as from day to day the reality of their lives continues to slip and some semblance of familiarity is needed from time to time. The main point is that those parents that are allowed to remain in their home as they age are often far happier and more well-adjusted as they continue to age. While this is not always possible in some cases, it is very much preferred by many, as the need to be somewhere familiar and inviting in one’s golden years is a universal desire among the elderly.

Medical Care

Whether they are allowed to stay at home or sent to an elderly care home, senior citizens will need to be seen by the doctor now and again. While some elderly patients will be reasonable and even accepting of this fact others will continually refuse or conveniently “forget” their regular checkups, which can be increasingly dangerous as one reaches old age. Children are often able to serve as the voice of reason or even the voice of authority when it comes to convincing their parents that a doctor’s visit is necessary. Far from being an attempt to wrest complete personal choice from a parent, it becomes the adult child’s responsibility to reason with their parent as to why their continued health is a necessity. While there is typically no need for anything past friendly argument, there are times when adult children must make the hard decisions and find a way to keep their aging parents from neglecting their health.

When caring for elderly parents, there is no question that children do in fact have many choices to make on the type of care that will be given and how they can find a way for their parents to retain their dignity while receiving the best care possible. Many would agree that in-home care is the best, but others would insist that care homes are the way to go. No matter which method is selected, it falls to the adult children to decide how best to preserve the dignity of their elderly parents, and how much they are willing to give to make this happen.

Visiting an Art Gallery Tips

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Visiting an art gallery can be a very interesting and even stimulating experience. However, it can also be quite confusing and even a little bit intimidating. There are bound to be pieces that you find aesthetically appealing and artwork that you simply do not understand. This is quite normal considering that artists are not always on the same level as those that enjoy their work but cannot always understand it. What is important is to enjoy what you see and be open to the visions of others that might send you rocketing out of your comfort zone. Remember, what goes on inside your head isn’t always the same picture that others will see. With that in mind, here are many ways that you might find it easier to enjoy your next trip to an art gallery.

Visiting an Art Gallery

Art galleries are essential venues that are used to display and showcase the type of talent that the public feels is worthy of note. When visiting such locations it goes without saying that you need to respect the art of those that have produced such pieces, but it is also advised to go in with an open mind, as will be described. Here are a few tips to remember when walking through a gallery.

Beautiful display of street art

1) Go with a friend.

It’s always fun to go out with someone if only to have another person to talk to. In this case, however, it is interesting to take a look at the same pieces and discover what you and your friend each see. There might be some part of the piece that you missed or something you might have noticed that your friend did not that brings the design into greater perspective.

2) Be selective in what you wish to view.

Depending on the gallery there might be more to see than you realize. Don’t feel the need to see and comment on everything. Pick your favorite artist, period, or medium and start there. This can minimize the amount of time you spend walking around simply trying to take in everything. Such an act can easily leave you overwhelmed and unable to appreciate the more intricate notes of each piece.

3) Create a backstory for each piece.

An art gallery is meant to inspire and create new and exciting thought processes that lead to further innovation. As you view those pieces that you find most stimulating take the time to stop and ponder what went into it, what the subject might have been, and what the artist was trying to say with this particular piece. A large part of art is perception and interpretation, and creating what each piece means in your words and ideas brings an interesting amount of whimsy to such a viewing.

4) Make use of digital devices.

If you want the lowdown on a particular piece or artist, it is recommended to purchase an audio guide that can be used to give you a better idea of what you might be looking at and what it means. These devices can give up to date information directly from the curator or even the artist, allowing you a unique look into their inspiration and reason behind their work.

5) Take the guided tour.

This is often recommended if it is your first time. This can allow you to fully enjoy the pieces while someone else points out the nuances of the design and the accomplishments of the artist. It can also give you a better idea of the scope of just how an art gallery operates.

6) Try a family activity trail.

Many galleries are now switching to a family-friendly format and are including activity trails that allow children and their families to experience the traditional art gallery while being able to interact in a manner that is meant to inspire and stimulate the creativity of younger art lovers. In short, this is a perfect way to inspire the next generation of aspiring artists.

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Perhaps one of the most famous paintings ever. Available to be seen at an art gallery.

7) Take photographs when possible.

Several galleries will allow the use of non-flash photography provided it is for personal use. Always ask however before you start filling up your camera with pictures. Some artists are rather sensitive about their work being copied or in any way converted to another medium, so it pays to be polite. Just remember that if you plan to use the photographs for anything other than personal use you will run the risk of infringing on the copyright laws of the artist, which is not a wise idea.

8) Visit the gift shop.

If you want a memento or a reminder of what you’ve seen the gift shop will be a perfect place to visit to find the one thing you might think is perfect to display in your home as a memory.

9) Have a pleasing conversation in the cafe.

Many galleries have a gift shop and even a small cafe attached to them to better serve their guests. Before or after your viewing take the time to enter into a conversation or two concerning the artwork and anything about the gallery. You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to fall into a pleasurable chat.

10) Summarize the experience.

Just take a few minutes to find a few ideal words that will best explain the experience and your reaction to it. These words should be able, to sum up what you saw, how it affected you, and the reaction it provoked. After concluding the manner in which you were affected by what you saw, the challenge should be to return to the gallery at least once more to see if your initial reaction still holds firm after having seen the displays for the first time. Surprisingly, many individuals never look at the same piece the same way twice.

Art is by definition the creative expression of humanity and as such provokes a response within many individuals in very different ways. You should feel it a personal challenge to visit an art gallery at least once or twice in your life to simply experience what it is like to view the workings of another’s mind, so as to gain just a little more perspective on life from a different perspective.

Art In Real Life – Musee Du Louvre

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Like many of you, I’ve seen every masterpiece of Western Art. The Mona Lisa? Yes. Starry Night? Of course. Girl With a Pearl Earring? Many times. But let me clarify: I’ve seen these extraordinary works of art over and over again in classes, on posters, and online. They’re usually extremely oversized (art history lectures, posters, movies) or cut into details (magnets, mugs, exhibition catalogs), and always completely out of context and proportion. That’s why we decided to create the Art in Real Life series: we wanted to give you a sense of the true size of works of art as compared to the average viewer.

Inspired by trips to famous museums during our studies abroad, we’ve created posts with photographs that show some of the world’s most famous masterpieces in their actual context. There’s nothing that can replace the experience of seeing a work of art in person, so our biggest hope is that this series will be a resource and inspiration for exploring these masterpieces more deeply.

My recent trip to Paris inspired several new Art in Real Life posts. This first post will focus on the Musée du Louvre, arguably the world’s most famous museum, as well as the one with the highest concentration of recognizable masterpieces in its vast collections. These collections add up to a total of 380,000 objects from prehistory to the presentonly 9.2% are on view at any given time.

The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum, with over 15,000 national and international patrons a day, and it certainly feels that way when you’re trying to fight through the crowds! Visiting the Louvre is a surreal experience since there seems to be a recognizable masterpiece (or a room of them) around every corner.

I can guarantee that you will get lost, but you’ll probably find something interesting along the way, for example, I recently found the Louvres new galleries of Islamic Art, which are housed under a sunny pavilion in a courtyard.